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Vancouver Acupuncture & Chinese Herbology Clinic

What Conditions Does She Treat?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment is very effective for chronic conditions and aging-related illnesses without the side effects of the long-term use of drugs.

With her experience and knowledge of both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, Dr. Chen-Bristol has successfully treated many conditions including the following disorders.

What are the Respiratory conditions?

· cold and flu

· sore throat

· asthma

· acute and chronic bronchitis

What are the Cardiovascular conditions?

· high blood pressure

· coronary artery disease and angina

· cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat)

· heart palpitation

· varicose veins

· Raynaud’s phenomenon

· inflammation or blockage in leg arteries and veins

What are the Gastrointestinal conditions?

· toothache

· indigestion

· acid reflux (heartburn)

· acute and chronic gastritis (stomach inflammation)

· stomach and duodenal (peptic) ulcers

· abdominal adhesions

· hepatitis

· gall bladder stone and inflammation

· chronic pancreatitis

· irritable bowel syndrome

· Crohn’s disease

· colitis

· diverticulitis

· constipation

What are the Urinary Bladder conditions?

· chronic bladder infection

· interstitial cystitis (pelvic pain and urinary frequency)

What are the Hormonal and Metabolic conditions?

· under- and over- active thyroid

· hypoglycemia and diabetes

· gout

· metabolic syndrome

What are the Immune System conditions?

· lupus

· fibromyalgia

· rheumatoid arthritis

· other auto-immune disorders

How about Cancer treatment?

· strengthen immune system to assist chemo and radiation therapies

· improve patients’ span and quality of life in different phases of the disease through individually tailored programs

What are the Nerve conditions?

· insomnia

· migraine and headaches

· trigeminal neuralgia

· Bell’s palsy

· memory loss

· shingles

· stroke and brain injury complications, e.g., paralysis

· MS

What are the Muscular and Skeletal conditions?

· TMJ syndrome

· soft tissue injuries: tendonitis, bursitis, strain and sprain

· osteoarthritis and osteoporosis

· neck and back pain

· frozen shoulder

· carpal tunnel syndrome

· tennis or golfer’s elbow

· plantar fasciitis

· scoliosis

· sciatic pain

· bunions

What are the Women’s diseases?

· infertility

· menstrual pain and irregularities

· endometriosis


· menopausal syndromes

· yeast infections

· breast lumps

What are the Skin conditions?

· hair loss

· cold sores

· shingles

· mouth ulcers

· acne

· eczema

· itching skin, rashes and hives

· psoriasis and other autoimmune related skin conditions

· rosacea

· warts

· fungal infection

What are the Eye conditions?

· poor vision

· macular degeneration

· glaucoma

· cataracts

What are the Ear, Nose and Throat conditions?

· poor hearing

· ringing or pressure in ears

· allergic rhinitis

· chronic sinus infection

· acute or chronic tonsillitis

· acute or chronic sore throat

· laryngitis (loss of voice)

What are the Allergic conditions?

· hay fever

· allergic rhinitis

· eczema

· hives

· contact dermatitis

· photo dermatitis

· food sensitivity

What are Other conditions?

· fatigue

· poor concentration

· seasonal affective disorder

· depression

· stress-related syndrome

· quitting smoking

· losing weight